NGRef: SN9150
OSMap: LR147
Type: Camp
None identified

It appears likely that the temporary marching camp at Beulah was the first the Roman military established in the area and may by dated to the administration of governor Quintus Veranius. The camp at Coelbren in West Glamorgan (SN8610) possibly dates from the same campaigns (See Webster, fig.37 p.106).

SN919507 1,375 x 1,160 ft
(419 x 354 m)
c.36½ acres
(14.8 ha)
This large camp lies about ¼ mile from the fort at Caerau. most of the NE side is known, which bows outwards at a gateway in the middle, also the W corner-angle and attached lengths of the NW and SW sides, both of which have gateways, set centrally in the SW side, and in the NW offset to the north on a ratio of 3:2; both these gates are protected by internal clavicula defences. Enough remains of these defences for the entire circuit to be extrapolated.
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