NGRef: NJ 210 573
OSMap: LR28
Type: Fort
None identified

This suspected Roman site, just west of the Glen Lossie Distillery, yielded sherds of "Roman type" pottery in 1846, the site was visited on the ground in 1984 and excavated over the following few years by C.M. Daniels and Newcastle University. The site is defended by two ditches with a combined width of around 16½ ft. (5 m). The north-east side has not been located, but the area has been badly eroded over the years. The NW-SE dimension is measured at around 275 ft. (c.84 m), while the north-west side has been traced for about 510 ft. (155 m) to the western corner-angle, this would give an area of at least 3¼ acres (1.3 ha). The rampart has been removed by the plough along with all traces of any interior buildings.

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