NGRef: TL4921
OSMap: LR167
Type: Minor Settlement
Stane Street: W (6) to Bravghing
Stane Street: E (9) to Great Dvnmow (Essex)
River Stort Upstream: SW (6) to Harlow
River Stort Upstream: SW (6) to Old Harlow

The settlement lies to the east of where Stane Street probably crossed the River Stort.

During the 1950's, rebuilding following the war uncovered remains of Romano-British houses having gravel floors and timber-slots, with associated [livestock] ditches and [storage] pits. Large quantities of pottery recovered ranged from the mid-first to fourth centuries.

Notable finds include a bronze steelyard and a gypsum burial in a limestone coffin found at the extreme eastern end of the settlement near Stane Street. Cremations have also been recorded c.250 metres north of the gypsum burial.

Extensive signs of iron-working have also been found on the site.

See: Roman Britain by Peter Salway (Oxford 1981) Britain in the Roman Empire by Joan Liversidge (London 1968).
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