NGRef: TF0919
OSMap: LR130
Type: Pottery Kiln, Industry, Probable Settlement
S (13.25) to Ailsworth
N (16) to Sleaford (Lincolnshire)
NNW (9) to Sapperton
S (15) to Dvrobrivae Catvvellorvm (Water Newton, Cambridgeshire)

This possible Roman settlement has been identified from finds clustering in the southern part of the modern town, including a coin hoard, pieces of a tessellated pavement, pottery kilns and 'wasters' with local wares ranging from candlesticks to dishes, dating from the early-3rd to the 4th centuries.

See: Roadside Settlements of Lowland Roman Britain by Roger Finch Smith (B.A.R. British Series #157, 1987) p.201.
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: BOURNE"