NGRef: NY2261
OSMap: LR85
Type: Camp
None identified

These two superimposed camps lie just south of the western terminus of Hadrian's Wall at Bowness on Solway, about ½ mile (0.8km) south of MC.79. Lying at the western end of a low ridge which runs roughly east-west, the major axis of the camps are aligned with it. The smaller camp lies wholly within the perimeter of the larger camp, which would have been at least twice the size of its better-defined, smaller companion. Gateways defended by external tituli are discernable in the southern and western defences of both encampments, and the northern gateway of the smaller camp has traces of an external clavicula. The site was partially excavated in 1984 and two sherds of samian were recovered which have been dated to the first half of the second century, however, no indication of the actual building sequence was discovered.

Brackenrigg 1, Cumbria
NY223614 490+ x 560+ ft
(150+ x 170+ m)
c.6¼ acres
(c.2.5 ha)
Only the south and west sides of this camp have been plotted. Two gateways are visible, both with external tituli. The unrecorded eastern side was probably shared with the smaller Camp-2. It is probable that Camp-1 was the latest on the site. It probably faced ENE.
Brackenrigg 2, Cumbria
NY223614 312 x 490 ft
(95 x 150+ m)
3½ acres
(1.4 ha)
Lying wholly within the perimeter of Camp-1, the east side of this smaller camp is unrecorded but was probably shared with Camp-1. The west and south gateways of this camp were protected by external titulum defences while the north gate has traces of an external clavicula.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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