NGRef: SH7718
OSMap: LR124
Type: Fortlet, Minor Settlement
NNW (14) to Tomen Y Mvr
NE (11) to Caergai (Gwynedd)
Possible road: SSW (13) to Maglona (Pennal, Gwynedd)
Margary 66b: NE (8.5) to Rhyd Sarn

The Small Roman Fort at Brithdir

SH773188 c.? ft
(c.? m)
c.? acres
(c.? ha)

It is possible that this small Roman fort on the south side of the Wnion valley overlooking Dolgellau from the east was located at a junction of Roman military routes. The fort platform with rounded corner-angles is easily discernable in fields to the north of the line of the Roman road running south-west from Caergai (Margary 66b), which met with the Roman road running south-south-east from the fort at Tomen y Mur (Margary 69b) somewhere in the Dolgellau area. The main coastal route (M. 69b) almost certainly continued south-south-west to the Roman fort and Settlement at Pennal, but there is not much evidence for the actual route it took southwards nor the location of the road junction.

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