NGRef: SO4877
OSMap: LR137/138/148
Type: Camp
None identified

SO485775 c.1,080 x 845 ft
(c.330 x 258 m)
21ΒΌ acres
(8.5 ha)
Discovered on A.P.'s in 1948, almost the entire outline of this camp is recorded, only the south-west corner being unknown, but its position may be extrapolated from the surviving portions of the western and southern ramparts. The camp is an almost perfect rectangle with rounded corners. A gap in the centre of the eastern defences probably constitutes a gateway protected by a defensive titulum outwork; the opposite (western) defences have been destroyed by modern quarrying. A gap in the longer north side, off-set from centre towards the west by a ratio of 3:2, possibly marks another gateway, and if this is so, the camp was aligned towards the WSW. The crop-marks on the opposite (south) side are patchy, and no gate can be confirmed here (JRS 1953 p.85, 1958 p.95).
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