NGRef: SE 716 569
OSMap: LR107
Type: Camp
Iter I?: ENE (8) to Delgovicia (nr. Millington, Humberside)
Itinera I?/II/V: NNE (12) to Derventio Brigantvm (Malton, North Yorkshire)
SSE (26) to Petvaria (Brough-on-Humber, Humberside)
Itinera I?/II/V: WSW (9) to Ebvracvm

Lying just just over half a mile (c.1km) NNE of Stamford Bridge, this camp was first identified by cropmarks on aerial photographs taken in July 1995; further marks were seen in July 1996 and confirmed in November 1997. No finds or pottery have so far been unearthed at the site, which therefore cannot be positively proven to be Roman.

SE 7160 5695 400 x 470 ft
(122 x 143 m)
4¼ acres
(1.74 ha)
Only the SE side of the camp is entirely known, along with both the S and E corner-angles and attached lengths of the SW and NE sides. The W corner-angle has also been traced on A.P.'s and the location of the N angle may easily be inferred from the visible defences. The only identified gateway is situated in the centre of the SE side. In a section taken across the SW defences in 1996 the V-shaped ditch was found to be 6¼ ft (1.9m) wide and 3 ft (0.9m) deep. The camp is aligned approximately NW-SE and its defences enclose an area sufficient to house a single auxiliary cavalry Ala or perhaps a mixed regiment of infantry and cavalry known as a cohors equitata.
See: Buttercrambe Moor Roman Camp, Buttercrambe with Bossall, North Yorkshire by Peter D. Horne & Ian G. Lawton in Britannia xxix (1998) pp.327-329.
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