NGRef: SH 536 650
OSMap: LR115
Type: Farmstead
WSW (5) to Segontivm
ENE (15) to Canovivm (Caerhun, Gwynedd)

This polygonal enclosed hut group has a suggested occupation period from the mid-3rd through the 4th centuries A.D., during the latter part of Roman rule in Britain. It is very likely that the occupants here were the former inhabitants of the hillfort at Dinas Dinorwig, which lies nearby and is known to have been abandoned during the early Romano-British period.

The Llys Dinorwig Roman Milestone


"For Imperator Quintus Traianus Decius Caesar Pius Felix.ยน"

(RIB 2263; milestone; dated: 249-251AD)

  1. The emperor Decius - Imperator Caesar Gaius Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Pius Felix Invictus Augustus - was the former governor of Moesia and Pannonia appointed by emperor Philip the Arab, who was proclaimed emperor by his own troops in Sept./Oct. 249AD. He defeated Philip during battle in Macedonia in October 249 and was himself killed in battle against the Goths in Moesia in June 251.
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