NGRef: SE4842
OSMap: LR105
Type: Minor Settlement
W (11) to Adel (West Yorkshire)
Itinera II/V/VIII: Ryknild Street: NE (10) to Ebvracvm
WNW (2) to Newton Kyme (North Yorkshire)
SW (29) to Cambodvnvm (Slack, West Yorkshire)
Itinera V/VIII: S (13) to Lagentivm (Castleford, West Yorkshire)

The Roman settlement of Calcaria lay at the crossing of the River Wharfe by the Roman road from Eburacum (York), south to Danum (Doncaster) and eventually to Lindum (Lincoln).

The nearby settlement and fort at Newton Kyme mark the site of another (earlier?) crossing-point of the Wharfe, by the road north to Isurium Brigantum (Aldborough).

Roman Name

Antonine itinerary: 2-11 Calcaria

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