NGRef: SK6150
OSMap: LR120/129
Type: Camp, Coin Hoard
None identified

The Calverton camps are located on a low spur between Lodge Farm and the Dover Beck in fields just north of the B6386, the smaller Camp-2 lying wholly within the boundaries of the larger Camp-1. Another marching camp lies only 3 miles (4.8km) to the north-north-east at Farnsfield. A hoard of 3rd-century Roman coins unearthed in the local area is detailed on the RBO page for Lightwood.

Calverton 1, Nottinghamshire
SK615508 920 x 935 ft
(280 x 285 m)
26 acres
(10.5 ha)
The larger of the two camps is perhaps the earliest, and has most of its south-west, south-east and north-west defences recorded. The camp would appear to have been almost rectangular in outline but its longer sides both deviated from a straight line, the north-western defences bowing inwards at the gateway and the south-eastern defences bowing slightly outwards. The north-east defences are unknown, but if the gateway gaps in the north-west and south-east sides were placed centrally, this would mean that the missing north-east side would lie down the embankment of the Dover Beck, close to the stream itself but enshrouded in trees and undergrowth.
Calverton 2, Nottinghamshire
SK615508 490 x 380 ft
(115 x c.136 m)
4 acres
(1.7 ha)
This camp lies wholly within the larger, earlier camp, but its defences appear much more substantial on A.P.'s and lies on a different alignment. The entire perimeter is known and is irregular in outline, appearing as a parallellogram with long sides on the north-east and south-west and shorter sides to the south-east and the north-west skewed to the west and with the north-western corner "cut-off", as it were. There are gateways set more-or-less centrally in all four of its sides, all protected by external titulum defences.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

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