NGRef: NS8580
OSMap: LR65
Type: Camp
None identified
Camelon Camp 1
NS8580 550 x 400+ ft
(168 x 60+ m)
>5 acres
(>2 ha)
Lying about ¼mile south-west of the Camelon fort, this camp, together with Camps #2 and #3 were all discovered on A.P.'s taken in the 1940's. (St. Joseph, 1951)
Lochlands 1, Camelon Camp 2
NS8580 500+ x ? ft
( x ? m)
( ha)
This camp lies ½mile north of the fort close to Lochlands Farm. (St. Joseph, 1951)
Lochlands 2, Camelon Camp 3
NS8580 c.300 x 270 ft
(c.46 x 41 m)
<2 acres
(c.0.75 ha)
This camp lies ½mile north of the fort to the south-west of the Lochlands Farm. (St. Joseph, 1951)
Carmuirs, Camelon Camp 4
NS8580 775 x 660 ft
(118 x 101 m)
11¾ acres
(4.75 ha)
Its discovery reported in 1958, this camp lies some ¾mile south-west of the fort. Gates have been noted in both the east and south sides. (St. Joseph, 1951)
Lochlands 3, Camelon Camp 5
NS854812 ? ft
(? m)
? acres
(? ha)
This camp was discovered on A.P.'s by J.K. St. Joseph and first reported in 1977.
Three Bridges 1, Camelon Camp 6
NS8580 x ft
( x m)
( ha)
This camp lies to W of the Camelon fort at Three Bridges, and displays several construction phases.

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