NGRef: NO2846
OSMap: LR53
Type: Camp
None identified
Cardean Camp 1
NO294460 c.2,905 x 1,940 ft
(c.886 x 591 m)
c.129½ acres
(c.52.4 ha)
A very large temporary marching camp lies just to the east of the fort at Cardean. The entire west side and long lengths of both the east and north sides were recorded on aerial photographs taken in the early 1950's. These fragmentary remains wer followed by traces on later A.P.'s of different parts of the perimeter which enabled an accurate estimation of the original size to be made by 1973, and required only slight revision when part of the north-east side was reported in 1977.
Cardean Camp 2
NO301463 1,425 x 1,015+ ft
(434 x 309+ m)
>33¼ acres
(>13.4 ha)
Trial-trenching in the early-1970's revealed the ditches of another camp lying within the eastern part of the large Camp #1.
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