NGRef: SW 403 288
OSMap: LR203, Explorer7.
Type: Settlement
Possible trackway: NE (6) to Chysavster (Cornwall)
Probable Native Trackway: E (8) to Ictis

Carn Euny Chronological Chart

Phase Date Buildings Artefacts
I About 500BC to 300 BC Fogou: round chamber and (later) long passage. ?Timber and turf houses. Stamp-decorated pottery, nearly all of local granitic clay.
II About 300BC to 50BC Timber and turf houses of House A1 type. Roulette-decorated pottery, jars with tooled curvilinear decoration and early cordoned pots (South-western Decorated Ware). Granitic clay still in use, but some pots of gabbroic clay imported from the Lizard peninsula. Querns. Spindlewhorls of stone and pot.
III About 50BC to 100AD Stone and earlier timber houses in use. Cordoned Ware jars and bowls. Undecorated pots of gabbroic clay. Spindlewhorls (some re-used potsherds). Querns, iron brooch and pruning hook.
IV Second to fourth centuries AD Courtyard houses built; also oval stone houses of House A type. ?Fogu opened at east end. Romano-British pottery and fragments of Samian Ware. Roman glass beads. Spindlewhorls and rotary querns.
Sometime before 400AD the site became abandoned.
Mid-eighteenth century AD: cottage built on west side.
Above table taken verbatim from Chysauster and Carn Euny guide published by English Heritage (p.27)
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