NGRef: NO2017
OSMap: LR58
Type: Camp
None identified
Carpow Camp 1
NO2017 c.2,220 x c.2,150? ft
(c.677 x c.655? m)
c.109½ acres
(c.44.3 ha)
Discovered from the air in the early-1970's, the distance between the east and west sides of this large camp is about 2,200 ft., which is remarkably similar to the E-W measurements of the camps at Dunning and Abernethy, which has led investigators to speculate whether these three camps may be chronologically related. The camp is known by excavation to be earlier than the polygonal Camp #2.
Carpow Camp 2
NO2017 2,425 x c.1,250? ft
(740 x c.381? m)
>70 acres
(>28 ha)
It has been mooted that this polygonal camp, discovered in the late-1960's, may mark the base from which the army responsible for the construction of the 63-acre camps in south-east Tayside crossed the Tay during the first Severan campaign.
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