NGRef: NS9444
OSMap: LR71/72
Type: Camp
None identified
NS947444 c.1,560 x 850 ft
(c.475 x 260 m)
c.30½ acres
(c.12.3 ha)
Identified from the air in 1983 by RCAHM(S), just over 1 mile (1.7 km) E of the fort at Castledykes. There are two gatways visible in the north defences and another, centrally placed, in the east, all with tituli defensive outworks. The long axis of the camp runs east-west, parallel to the Roman road, which may indicate an Antonine date for its construction.
See: Britannia xv (1984) p.276;
Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1977-1984 by G.S. Maxwell & D.R. Wilson in Britannia xviii (1987) pp.35/6.
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: CARSTAIRS MAINS CAMP"