NGRef: NT0559
OSMap: LR65/72
Type: Fortlet
NE Angle

The North-East Corner Angle
clearly shows the bivallate defences
None identified
NT050952 250 x 200 ft
(75 x 60 m)
c.1 acre
(0.46 ha)

This small fort of less than an acre lies just off the B7008, surrounded by the managed pines of the Camilty Plantation. Although the fortlet\itself is cleared of trees the deep mats of Polytrichum moss covering the area make the short walk to the site very arduous, there being no identifiable pathway. Once reached, and although overgrown with tussock-grass, the entire defensive circuit is easily traced, including the entrance causeway on the east side away from the modern road; there are no traces of any interior buildings.

N Defences
The Northern Defensive Rampart
clearly visible against trees about 20 ft. high
The Gateway in the East Side
seen against the skyline as a gap in the rampart
Thanks to Dr John R. Busby who ironed-out a lapse in my map reading.
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