NGRef: NS9244
OSMap: LR71/72
Type: Camp
None identified
Castledykes 1 (north-west)
NS923446 1,500 x 900+ ft
(457 x 274+ m)
>31 acres
(>12.5 ha)
This large temporary camp lies to north-west of the fort. The only discernable gateway lies on the east and is defended by external earthworks consisting of a clavicula and straight ditch, unmistakably of Stracathro type. The much-smaller Camp #3 lies wholly within this camp's southern perimeter.
Castledykes 2
NS927446 850 x c.700 ft
(259 x c.213 m)
c.13¾ acres
(c.5.5 ha)
First reported in 1955, this camp lies to the north of the fort. A gateway with tutulus outwork lies in its western side - the only side fully recorded - and a linear earthwork complete with tutulus some 200 ft. in from these western defences indicates at least two phases of occupation.
Castledykes 3
? 400 x 250 ft
(c.122 x 76 m)
2¼ acres
(c.0.9 ha)
This small camp lies wholly within the southern defences of the much-larger Camp #1. There is a gateway protected by an external tutulus earthwork in its north-west defences.
Castledykes 4
? 280 x 150+ ft
(c.85 x 46+ m)
<1 acre
(c.0.4 ha)
This small camp lies on level ground east of the fort.
Castledykes 5
NS925443 x ft
( x m)
( ha)
First reported in 1965, this small rectangular enclosure lies to the west of the fort.
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