NGRef: SE7889
OSMap: LR94/100
Type: Fort, Camp
Plan of Cawthorn

The Roman Forts, Annexe and Marching Camp at Cawthorn
(adapted from Collingwood, fig. I.viii)
Probable road: NE (17) to Whitby (North Yorkshire)
Probable road: S (12) to Derventio Brigantvm (Malton, North Yorkshire)
N (10) to Lease Rigg

The Cawthorn Marching Camp

SE782899 c.310 x 850 ft
(95 x 260 m)
c.5ΒΌ acres
(2.1 ha)
This irregular, coffin-shaped camp is sited between the two forts at Cawthorn, the SE corner-angle of the eastern-most fort impinges upon the E defences of the camp. There are only 3 positively identified gateways, all located in the longest (E) side and all protected by impressive external claviculae. There are other gaps in both the SW and NW corners which may have been original gateways. The Medieval pack-horse road known as the Portergate passes through the middle of the camp entering from the SE through a gap in the centre of the E side and exiting through the middle gateway on the opposite side.
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