NGRef: TQ 139 121
OSMap: LR198
Type: Temple Or Shrine
None identified

Romano-British Temple - Chanctonbury 1

A square Romano-British temple lies within the defences of an Iron-Age hillfort. The temple portico measures around 52 x 46 feet with plastered walls of flint and mortar c.2 ft. thick, the cella measures 30 x 23 feet with thicker walls of the same construction, c.3 ft. thick. It would appear that the hillfort enclosure served the function of a temenos. Built in the 3rd century, the temple went out of use during the 4th; it probably faced east. (Type Ib, or Ic)

Polygonal Temple - Chanctonbury 2

There is another polygonal shrine within the defences of the hillfort about 67 ft. south of the square temple. In plan the building appears pear-shaped, with a 'bulb' around 30 ft. in diameter, and a 'neck' - presumably containing the entrance - aligned to the east.

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See: Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).
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