NGRef: NT4854
OSMap: LR66/73
Type: Camp
Dere Street: NW (13.5) to Elginhavgh (Lothian)
Dere Street: SE (13.5) to Newstead (Newstead, Borders)
Channelkirk Camp 1
NT473547 3,500 x 1,600+ ft
(1,067 x 490+ m)
>129 acres
(>52 ha)
This camp was described by General Roy in 1755 who traced 1,600 ft. of the west and 1,300 ft. of the north defences, and its north-west side and gateway with titulus outwork were seen from the air in the late 1940's. Photographs taken in 1953 revealed part of the north defences as a soil-mark, also a gateway and tutulus outwork about 500 ft. east from the north-west corner-angle. A.P.'s in 1957 traced the west rampart for 1,065 ft. and the north for 800 ft. Another gateway and tutulus about 60 ft. wide was also observed in the west side about 65 ft. south of the north-west angle. The entire north-west side of the camp was seen to be 3,500 ft. long on A.P.'s taken in 1960, which also recorded a gateway with tutulus.
Oxton Camp 1, Channelkirk
NT487547 600+ x 375+ ft
(183+ x 114+ m)
>5¼ acres
(>2 ha)
The south corner-angle and attached 375 ft. lengths of both the south-east and south-west sides of this small camp was identified on A.P.'s by Prof. St. Joseph in 1971, lying between the well-known large Camp #1 and the fortlet at Oxton. A gateway with titulum was identified in the south-west defences in 1975. By 1987 much of the perimeter had been established, measuring about 700 ft. NE-SW by 600 transversely (c.213 x 182 m), it covered an area of almost 9¾ acres (c.3.9 ha). A smaller camp lies within the northern corner, re-using part of this camp's defensive perimeter.
Oxton Camp 2, Channelkirk
NT487547 c.467 x 385 ft
(c.142 x 117 m)
c.4¼ acres
(c.1.7 ha)
This camp lies within the northern corner of Oxton Camp 1, re-using part of the larger camp's NE and NW sides.
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