NGRef: SP0513
OSMap: LR163
Type: Roman Villa
NE (9) to Bovrton (Gloucestershire)
SW (6) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire)

There are three Latin inscriptions on stone recorded in the first volume of the R.I.B. for the Chedworth area; a relief of Mars Lenus (vide RIB 126 infra) a stone inscribed simply PRASI.A (RIB 127), and another stone bearing the inscription XR repeated four times. Chi-Rho in Greek, these are the first two letters of the name of Christ, or Χριστος (RIB 128). The first and last of these inscriptions are associated with the Romano-British temple to the east of the Villa (at SP0613).

The Chedworth Temple


A square temple lies 700 yards to the south-east of the villa beside the River Coln. The cella was recorded in 1866 but has since been robbed. The outer portico measures 51 feet by 49½ feet and has walls of excellent workmanship around 5 feet thick. The walls survive in places up to 7 feet high (including foundations). Round columns with drums 1½ ft. in diameter may have been up to 12 ft. high, and were found with bases in the outer "portico" wall. The orientation of the temple is not known. First built during the mid-2nd century, the temple remained in use until the 4th century. (Type Ia)

Carved Stone Relief of Lenus Mars from the Chedworth Temple


"For Martius Lenus."

(RIB 126; relief of Mars)

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