NGRef: SJ8349
OSMap: LR118
Type: Camp
Loomer Road Camp

Loomer Road Marching Camp
adapted from the excavation plan in
NSJoFS (Vol.2, p.54, fig.1).
None identified

This camp lies about 400 yards (c.366m) south of the fort at Mount Pleasant in Chesterton.

SJ8349 c.325 x 315 ft
(c.99 x 96 m)
c.2ΒΌ acres
(c.0.95 ha)
This camp is almost square, its southern corner-angle and short lengths of its south-east and north-east sides have been confirmed by excavation in the grounds of the Loomer Road Roman Catholic church. No gateways have been identified, but is is possible that the camp faced towards the north-west.
See: The North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies Vol.II p.54.
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: LOOMER ROAD CAMP"