NGRef: NT7808
OSMap: LR80
Type: Fort, Fortlet, Camp
SSE (8) to Bremenivm (High Rochester, Northumberland)
NW (10) to Cappvck (Borders)

Temporary Marching Camps at Chew Green

Chew Green I, Northumberland
NT788084 c.885 x c.935 ft
(c.270 x c.285 m)
19 acres
(7.7 ha)
an almost square camp is partly overlain on its N by the S defences of Camp-III, the Chew Green fort (IV) lies wholly within the defences of this camp towards the W side, and later fortlet and annexe (V) partly obliterated the camps E defences, no gateways are known except in the middle of the W side which is coincident with the W gateway of the fort. Dere Street passes close by the E side but the defences were not aligned with the road, being about 165 feet (c.50m) distant at the camps S end and around 100 feet (c.30m) to the N.
Chew Green III, Northumberland
NT786086 c.605 x c.985 ft
(c.185 x c.300 m)
c.13¾ acres
(5.5 ha)
this camp is a parallelogram with its S extremity overlapping the N defences of Camp-I. There are Gateways in the centre of the shorter N & S sides, the N protected by an external titulum; there are several gaps in the E & W defences but the only confirmed gateway appears on the W side, just N of the defences of Camp-I, where an external titulum marks this particular gap in the rampart as a defended gateway; there is a corresponding gap placed roughly opposite with no extra defences which may also have been a gate. Dere Street passes by between 80-200 feet (25-60m) away to the E, the camp is not aligned on it but rather utilizes the local topography to advantage.

Other Roman Sites in the Neighbourhood

Aside from the fortlet at Chew Green (NT7808) and another nearby at Brownhart Law (NT7909), there are also several Roman marching camps in the area; two at Chew Green itself (NT7808; see below), three to the north at Pennymuir (NT7513), and another two to the south at Featherwood (NT8105). In addition, there is a Roman Practice Works at Woden Law, a little way to the north (NT7612) near the Pennymuir camps, one of only three such works in Scotland, the other two being located at Burnswark in Dumfries & Galloway.

See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E. (H.M.S.O, London, 1995).

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