NGRef: SN8610
OSMap: LR160
Type: Camp
None identified
SN862102 1,436 x 1,090 (1,000) ft
(438 x 332 (305) m)
c.34½ acres
(c.14 ha)
This large rectangular camp lies some 660 feet (c.200 m) south-east from the Coelbren auxiliary fort. Its major axis is aligned to the north-north-west and the crossing of the Afon Pyrddin. The outline is slightly trapezoidal, its southern defences being somewhat shorter than those on the north. Almost the complete outline of its defences has been traced, all apart from the central portion of the western side which has been eroded by a stream, and the south-west angle, although its entire circuit may be easily extrapolated. There is an entrance set in the centre of the southern rampart and another centrally-placed gap in the in the western defences may also be a gateway; no other entrances are visible.

It appears likely that this temporary marching camp was the first Roman military establishment in the area and may by dated to the campaigns of the governor Quintus Veranius. The camp at Beulah near Caerau in Powys (SN9150) possibly dates from the same campaigns (see Webster).

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