NGRef: SU9547
OSMap: LR186
Type: Villa
Pilgrims Way: W (7) to Farnham
Pilgrims Way: E (2) to Gvildford (Surrey)

"Slightly developed front wings can be seen at Compton in Surrey, a second-century villa with just one room added at the south-western end of the corridor." (Liversidge, p.245)

Although classified as a 'winged villa of an early type', the actual "wings" of this villa on the western side of the River Wey consisted of a single room tacked onto one end of what would have been an otherwise ordinary 'corridor-type' villa, which was constructed of Bargate stone (still quarried near Godalming) in conjunction with flint. Attached to the villa was a typical early-2nd century Roman bathhouse of four rooms; apodyterium 'changing room', frigidarium 'cold room (with cold-plunge bath - pluteus)', tepidarium 'warm room' and caldarium 'hot room (with hot-plunge bath - calvaeus)'.

There is another villa nearby at Broadstreet (SU9651).

See: Britain in the Roman Empire by Joan Liversidge (London 1968)
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