NGRef: SO4383
OSMap: LR137
Type: Camp
None identified

Of the two temporary marching camps discovered near Stretford Bridge the first to be established was probably the smaller marching camp at Craven Arms to the south, followed by the larger camp which occupies the inferior ground, this situation also increases the likelihood of the camps being contemporary. It is thought likely that they both date from the initial campaigns of Scapula westwards into Wales, and were possibly built within only a few days of each other, sometime in either 47AD or 48. The fort at Stretford Bridge is located only 38 yards (350m) to the north-west of the larger northern camp and postdates both of these temporary enclosures. The marching camp at Upper Affcot lies only 1½ miles (2.5km) to the north-east.

Stretford Bridge 1, Shropshire
SO429841 1,230 x c.1,180-2,000 ft
(375 x c.360-610 m)
c.33-56 acres
(c.13-23 ha)
About 50% of the perimeter of this camp is known, the complete western side measuring about 1,230 feet (c.375m) including two right-angles, and an attached length of the south defences 1,180 feet (c.360m) long. No gateways are identified. The eastern side of the camp may lie up to 390 feet (c.120m) to the east of the A49 road, which would mean an east-west dimension of 2,000 feet (c.610m) giving an enclosure of about 56½ acres (c.22.85ha). The path of Watling Street branches away from the modern A49 at a point just outside the camps north-eastern defences cutting obliquely across its eastern half, which may be interpreted to mean that the road is the later construction.
Stretford Bridge 2, Craven Arms, Shropshire
SO430837 410 x c.345 ft
(125 x c.105 m)
3¼ acres
(1.3 ha)
This small camp lies less than 130 feet (40m) to the east of Watling Street and is not aligned with it. Only the western parts can be traced; the two western angles, the complete west side measuring 410 feet (125m), with an adjoining 280 feet (85m) of the north side and an interrupted 345 feet (105m) stretch of the south side. There is no trace of any ditches to thee east so the original size of the camp cannot be known with any accuracy without excavation. The known defences enclose an area of at least 3¼ acres (c.1.3ha).
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