NGRef: SU1093
OSMap: LR163/173
Type: Minor Settlement
NW (7) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire)
SE (8) to Dvrocornovivm (Wanborough, Wiltshire)

There is a single inscription on stone in the R.I.B. for Cricklade, a much-damaged tombstone which reads ... VIC ... ORISCA ... CLADI ... O ... (RIB 100; tombstone).

There is a substantial Roman building nearby at Kingshill (SU1192), and villas along the Upper Thames at Hannington (SU1895), and at Lechlade (SP2100) in Gloucestershire.

See: The Roman Inscriptions of Britain by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (Oxford 1965).
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