NGRef: SK8062
OSMap: LR121
Type: Villa
None identified

"At Cromwell [50 JRS XL, 1950, 101-2] (SK 802625), in Nottinghamshire, in fields on the west bank of the Trent where Roman pottery can be picked up, crop marks of an elaborate ditched enclosure of many periods have been identified and watched over a number of years. Two narrow ditches 25 ft. apart form three sides of a rectangle about 650 ft. from north to south by {95} 500 ft. The angles are sharp. The interior is subdivided by a grid of ditches not all contemporary, and overlapping with curving ditches that outline irregular plots. In the centre of the rectangle is a building consisting of a range of rooms with wings at one end. A broad ditch forming a long rectangle overlaps the south end of this complex and extends far southwards. Only excavation can make clear the full significance of so complicated a site, but it looks as if the remains are those of a Roman villa or farm, actively engaged in agriculture in a fashion that involved constant changes in the enclosures of its small estate." (J.R.S., 1953, pp.94-5)
See: Air Reconnaissance of Southern Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. XLIII (1953) pp.81-97;
Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: CROMWELL"