NGRef: SO9904
OSMap: LR163
Type: Roman Building
NW (14) to Glevvm (Gloucester, Gloucestershire)
SE (2.75) to Corinivm (Cirencester, Gloucestershire)

There are two Latin inscriptions recorded in the R.I.B. for Daglingworth, a religious text dedicated to the Mother Goddesses and the Local Spirit (vide RIB 130 infra), and a 'gabled relief of figures' with an inscription reading CVDAE LO...V... (RIB 129; relief).

Dedication to the Matres and the Genius Locorum


"For the Mother Goddesses and the Guardian Spirit of this place [...]ยน"

(RIB 130)

  1. Unfortunately, the dedicators name is damaged and the trailing portion of the text missing.
See: The Roman Inscriptions of Britain by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (Oxford 1965).
The English translation, including any inherent mistakes, is my own.
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