NGRef: NN7721
OSMap: LR51/52/57
Type: Camp
None identified
Dalginross Camp 1
NN774208 1,000 x 960 ft
(305 x 293 m)
23½ acres
(9.5 ha)
First recorded by Roy in the late 18th century and reported by him in 1793, this camp possesses Stracathro-type gateways which are indicative of an Agricolan foundation date. A.P.'s taken in 1955 revealed both the clavicula and oblique ditch of the north gate, the clavicula of the south gate and the oblique ditch of the west gate. Other A.P.'s taken in the early-1970's revealed traces of the tent-lines within the camp's interior.
Dalginross Camp 2
NN7720 585 x 300+ ft
(178 x 90+ m)
>4 acres
(>1.6 ha)
This small enclosure, first recorded in 1961 and partly obscured by the multiple north-eastern defences of the larger fort, is thought to have been a camp housing the labour force responsible for the construction of the smaller fort.
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