NGRef: NY8693
OSMap: LR80
Type: Camp
Dere Street: NNW (2) to Blakehope (Northumberland)
Dere Street: SSE (4) to Risingham (Risingham, Northumberland)
NY860937 656 x 984 ft
(c.200 x c.300 m)
14½ acres
(5.9 ha)
This rectangular, 'playing card' shaped camp has four gates each originally protected by internal clavicula defences. The gates are placed centrally in the south-west and north-east sides and those on the longer north-west and south-east sides offset 165 feet (50m) to the north-east; the camp therefore faced in this direction. Dargues Burn flows past the camp outside the south-eastern defences and Dere Street is roughly aligned with the north-eastern defences. Modern drains have destroyed the ramparts at many points, especially the north-east side, and farm buildings have obliterated the eastern corner-angle.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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