NGRef: NT5735
OSMap: LR73/74
Type: Camp
None identified
NT573353 c.1,800 x 755-985 ft
(c.550 x 230-300 m)
c.31¼-40¾ acres
(c.12.6-16.5 ha)
This camp was discovered from the air by RCAHMS in 1977, on a slope overlooking the River Tweed. The northern corner-angle and attached, a 1,800 ft. length of the NW side and about 560 ft of the NE side are so far known. Two gateways are visible in the long NW side, one of which is defended by a titulum earthwork. The SE side has not been located, but local topography would allow a NW-SE dimension of between 755 to 985 ft.
See: Air Reconnaissance in Roman Britain 1977-1984 by G.S. Maxwell & D.R. Wilson in Britannia xviii (1987) p.37.
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