NGRef: NS8482
OSMap: LR65
Type: Camp
NNW (13) to Dovne (Dunblane, Central)
SE (2) to Camelon (Camelon, Central)
NS842845 c.2,360+ x 2,130+ ft
(c.720+ x 650+ m)
c.130 acres
(c.50 ha)
Discovered from the air in 1983 on the north bank of the Carron just north-east of the Hills of Dunipace. The ditch was sectioned in 1987 and was found to vary considerably between 6½ to 14¾ ft. wide by a maximum of about 5 ft. deep (c.2-4.5 x 1.5 m). The south-west angle was seen from the air in 1983, the north-west angle was seen as a raised, curved bank still surviving in woodland in 1988, the north-east angle was recorded as a raised earthwork in heavy woodland the same year, and the remaining south-east angle was recorded as a curving scarp within a plantation in 1990; thus the entire perimeter of this very large camp can be extrapolated, with three of its angles surviving as raised earthworks.
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