NGRef: NO 038 192
OSMap: LR58?
Type: Fort, Camp
Gask Ridge: W (8) to Strageath
Gask Ridge: E (6) to Bertha

On the south side of the Gask ridge at Dupplin there appears to be situated a small fort or fortlet of about 350 ft. square, covering an area of about 2¾ acres (c.1.14 ha). In addition, a suspected marching camp was seen some 2,000 ft. to the east of the fortlet, both encampments being discovered on aerial photographs by Professor J.K. St. Joseph and first reported in 1958.

The Suspected Marching Camp

NO046192 700 x c.1,000? ft
(213 x c.305? m)
c.16 acres?
(c.6.5 ha?)
First detected on aerial photographs in the late 1950's, investigations on the ground in 1999 yielded inconclusive results, and there is some suspicion that this enclosure may not prove to be of Roman date.
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