NGRef: NX 928 843
OSMap: LR78
Type: Camp
None identified

The Ellisland Marching Camps

These two small camps lie on the west bank of the Nith, opposite the camps at Dalswinton. Originally suggested in 1949 to be a single camp measuring about 300 x 180 ft., A.P.'s in the early-1950's revealed further crop marks and it was mooted that the camp may be about 200 ft. square, further research undertaken in the early 70's clarified the situation.

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area Description
Ellisland Camp 1
NX928843 375 x 225 ft
(114 x 69 m)
<2 acres
(0.78 ha)
There is a gateway set in the centre of the SE side of the camp, protected by a tutulus outwork, which proves its identification as Roman.
Ellisland Camp 2
NX928843 195 x 185 ft
(59 x 56 m)
>¾ acre
(0.34 ha)
This smaller camp lies within Camp #1, re-using part of the larger camp's north-west and south-west perimeter.
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