NGRef: NY 995 631
OSMap: LR87
Type: Camp
None identified

Temporary Marching Camps at Farnley Grange

Three Roman marching camps have been recorded (JRS 1951, p.53; RCHME) lying on a steep scarp above the River Tyne between the river and Dere Street, about 1½ miles (c. 2 km) to the south-east of Corbridge.

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area Description
Farnley Camp 1
NY994631 246 x 328 ft
(c.75 x 100? m)
c.1¾ acres
(c.0.75 ha)
This camp, the smallest, has only its N, E & W sides traced, the S defences having been overlaid by Dere Street and the gardens of Farnley Grange. No gates are traceable in any part of the camp's perimeter.
Farnley Camp 2
NY995631 328 x 377 ft
(c.100 x 115+ m)
c.2¾ acres
(c.1.15 ha)
This small camp lies just 10m outside the E defences of Camp-1, and it too has the S defences obliterated by Dere Street (here overlaid by the modern A695), and the outbuildings of Farnley Grange. There is a gap in the N defences, slightly off-centre to the E, which was probably an original entrance; another possible gap in the E defences has been obscured by a modern field-boundary.
Farnley Camp 3
NY998631 335 x 525 ft
(102 x 160 m)
4 acres
(1.6 ha)
This camp is the largest of the three, and all of its defensive circuit has been traced apart from the SE corner angle, but its position may be inferred by extrapolating the S and E sides. There is a gap in the W defences, slightly N of centre, which was probably a gate, and another in the N side, off-set to the E (ratio 2:1). Similar structures in the S and E sides are obscured by a field boundary and drain which cuts across the SE corner of the camp. We can be reasonably certain that this camp faced ENE. The remains of an irregular crop-mark outside the NE corner-angle may represent an annexe, of uncertain size, attached to the E side of the camp.
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Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by Welfare & Swan (HMSO, London, 1995).
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