NGRef: SK6355
OSMap: LR120
Type: Camp
None identified
SK638557 690 x 600 ft
(c.184 x c.212 m)
c.9½ acres
(3.9 ha)
The Farnsfield camp is sub-rectangular with no two sides or angles the same. The longer north-west and south-east sides measure 675 & 715 feet (206 & 218 metres) respectively, and the shorter south-west and north-east sides measure 597 & 610 feet (182 & 186 metres). The ditch was V-shaped and measured about 9 feet (2.8m) wide by about 6 feet (1.8m) deep with a cleaning slot in the bottom. The rampart was constructed of stacked turves set on a bed of gravel about 7¼ feet (2.2m) wide and set back about a foot (0.3m) from the edge of the ditch. A gateway 18¾ feet (5.7m) wide was revealed during excavations in 1978 in the centre of the north-eastern defences; a wider gap in centre of the south-western defences probably marks the position of another gateway.

This camp lies only 2½ miles (4km) to the west of the Osmanthorpe vexillation fortress. The camps at Calverton lie only 3 miles (4.8km) to the south-south-west.

See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

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