NGRef: NT8205
OSMap: LR80
Type: Camp
None identified
Featherwood East, Northumberland
NY820056 1,312 x 1,345 ft
(c.400 x c.410 m)
c.39½ acres
(15.9 ha)
this large, roughly square camp has 4 visible gateways, all protected by external titulum defensive outworks, placed centrally in the E & W sides, the gate in the S side is displaced slightly to the W and that in the N side markedly so. The rampart is crossed by numerous field drains along much of its perimeter, but the complete outline of the camp is easily traced from ground level where it has survived to a height of 0.5m in places, much of the external ditch may also be seen, in places surviving to a depth of 0.4m. A modern trackway crosses diagonally across the camp from just above the SW corner to just below the NE corner.
Featherwood West, Northumberland
NY813057 1,197 x 1,459 ft
(c.365 x c.445 m)
38½ acres
(15.6 ha)
this large camp has its NE defences aligned with Dere Street, acute corner-angles to N & S and obtuse angles to E and W, although the SE and NW sides are roughly parallel the SW side is not aligned with the NE and Dere Street, which classes the camp as trapezoidal and not a parallelogram. 4 confirmed gates are visible, all protected by external tituli; 1 in the centre of the SW side, another in the NE side is slightly displaced towards the N, 2 more gates in the NW side are placed about 150m N of the W corner-angle and almost 200m S of the N angle. There are no corresponding gateways in the heavily-damaged SE side, where any traces have been obscured by field drains.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.
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