NGRef: NY 685 654
OSMap: LR86/87
Type: Camp
None identified

Fell End Temporary Marching Camp

N.G.Ref Dimensions Area Description
NY685654 787 x 1,181 ft
(240 x 360 m)
21½ acres
(8.7 ha)
This large camp, which lies astride the Stanegate about a mile (1.7km) E of the fort at Carvoran, is roughly rectangular, but none of its sides are completely straight. The E side is bowed inwards towards the middle where the Stanegate entered the camp, the N side is pretty straight for most of its length but bows southwards towards the NW corner-angle, the S side consists of two reasonably straight stretches which bow inwards towards the S gateway, the W defences bow outwards by a considerable amount, both the NW & SW corner-angles being in excess of 100°. The camp was evidently built after the Stanegate, which passes along the long axis via its E and W gateways. There are two other gates placed more-or-less centrally in the N side and in the S side displaced slightly to the E. The camp is located on steep slopes which makes a considerble part of the interior unsuitable or the pitching of tents, and the maximum area available would have been something in the region of 18½ acres (7.5 ha). A modern quarry tramway crosses the site from N to S, and much of the camp's interior has been damaged by quarrying.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by Welfare & Swan (HMSO, London, 1995).
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