NGRef: TQ1009
OSMap: LR198
Type: Temple Or Shrine
None identified

Findon Romano-British Circular Temple

The only sign of this temple was a hollow depression 35 ft. in diameter, lying within an Iron-Age hillside settlement. Excavations revealed the robbed-out foundations of a circular building, with various artefacts buried in two shallow pits beneath the floor and in overlying debris; ox-skulls, an earthenware jug, a three inch long clay model of a human leg, a bronze plaque of a crouching bear, a bronze knife and pommel, several brooches and pins, also three Roman coins and pottery ranging from the 1st to 4th centuries. The votive nature of several of these finds make it almost certain that the site served some religious purpose, perhaps of a healing cult.

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See: Temples in Roman Britain by M.J.T. Lewis (Cambridge 1966).
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