NGRef: NO0317
OSMap: LR58
Type: Camp, 'annexe'
None identified

"A woman shearing on the farm of Broomhill, at Forteviot last week, found a small gold coin which she supposed to be brass, but which is a gold coin of the Emperor Hadrian in the most beautiful preservation."
Above quote from the Perthshire Courier dated 3rd September 1829.
Forteviot Camp 1
NO039175 c.2,050 x 1,350 ft?
(c.625 x 411 m?)
c.63½ acres
(c.25.7 ha)
Discovered in August 1951, .... The two shorter sides of this camp are slightly bowed out at their centrally-placed gateways while the longer sides are bowed slightly inwards, the re-entrant angles being focussed upon the two gateways in each of these sides. Camp #2 is attached to its south side.
Forteviot Camp 2 (Annexe)
NO039175 329 x 290 ft
(100 x 88 m)
c.2¼ acres
(8.8 ha)
An 'annexe' or smaller camp was discovered in the early-1960's attached to the south side of the main Camp #1 between the south gate and the south-east angle.
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