NGRef: NO4438
OSMap: LR54
Type: Camp
None identified

"Across the Sidlaws [from the Finavon camp], at Gagie, 5¾ miles NNE. of Dundee, two straight lengths of ditch have been observed, forming the E. and S. sides of a camp, together with the rounded angle between them. The site (NO 448383) is on a level shelf commanding extensive views: the N. part of the camp lies within a plantation of firs, recently felled. A trial-section revealed a small ditch, 4¾ ft. wide and 2¼ ft. deep, cut in hard gravel. The E. side has been proved for a length of some 290 ft., the S. for some 550 ft. The E. to W. dimension cannot be much longer than this as the ground falls steeply to the W., so that the area may be 5 to 10 acres." (St. Joseph, 1973)
NO448383 550+ x 290+ ft
(170+ x 90+ m)
c.5-10 acres
(c.2-4 ha)
See: Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1969-72 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lxiii (1973) p.224.
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