NGRef: NY4938
OSMap: LR90
Type: Camp
None identified
NY490389 c.330 x 525 ft
c.100 x 160m)
c.4 acres
(1.6 ha)
Only the north-east and north-west sides of this camp are recorded, the south-east and south-west sides being restricted by the escarpment of the Galley Gill and the River Petteril respectively. There are simple gateways in both visible defences. Several (Roman?) post-holes and an 11th century storage pit for grain were found during excavations within the interior. (JRS 1951 p.54; RCHME.)
See: Air Reconnaissance of North Britain by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. xli (1951) pp.52-65;
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Page Citation: Kevan White (2018) "Roman Britain: GALLEY GILL CAMP"