NGRef: SO1590
OSMap: LR136
Type: Camp
None identified

SO157901 725 x 650 (800) ft
(221 x 198 (244) m)
10¾-13¼ acres
(4.38-5.39 ha)
Known only from a 425 ft (130m) length of the E side and 625ft (190m) of the S side, there is room enough here for a camp measuring about 725ft E-W by a maximum of 800ft N-S (221 x 244 m). The ditch on the E side, when trenched, was found to be V-shaped, 3½ft wide and 2½ft deep (1.06 x 0.76 m). A gateway is recorded in the S side.

This large marching camp, like the nearby camp at Brompton some six miles to the east, has been described by Professor St. Joseph as a "campaign camp" and dated to the campaigns of the governor Publius Ostorius Scapula sometime between 47-52AD. The suspected Roman military road between the forts at Levobrinta (Forden Gaer) in the north-east and Mediomanum (Caersws) in the west passes by the camp some two miles to the north. (Webster, p.84)

See: Rome Against Caratacus by Graham Webster (Batsford, London, 1993);
Air Reconnaissance in Britain, 1969-72 by J.K. St. Joseph in J.R.S. lxiii (1973) p.235;

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