NGRef: NO1028
OSMap: LR53/58
Type: Camp

Grassy Wells Marching Camp
Adapted from Crawford (fig.13)
NE (7.5) to Cargill (Tayside)
SW (0.5) to Bertha
NO1028 c.2,800 x c.1,600 ft
(c.850 x c.490 m)
c.103 acres
(c.41.6 ha)
This camp was discovered by General Roy in 1771, about ½ mile NE of the fort at Bertha on the opposite bank of the Tay. The camp occupies a promontory encompassing Donald's Bank and Grassy Walls, overlooking the Tay from the E. It is very irregular in outline; the E side is just over 3,000 ft. long, the S possibly about the same, the N side about 1,600 ft. and the W side about 1,800 ft. The main Roman road into north-east Scotland passes through the centre of the encampment, after fording the Tay to the SW.
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