NGRef: SJ4568
OSMap: LR117
Type: Camp, Camp
None identified

The three camps in the Guilden Sutton group were all discovered from the air on 15th August 1995, and are supplemented by another at Hoole, about a third of a mile (c.600m) west of the Pipers Ash camp, which had been discovered during the previous week. All four camps are spaced almost equidistantly apart, about two-thirds of a mile to the north of the Roman road between Chester and Northwich, the camp at Belle Vue Farm being about 2¼ miles (c.3.6km) east of the legionary fortress.

Belle Vue Farm, Guilden Sutton 1, Cheshire
SJ441678 c.564 x 390 ft
(172 x 119 m)
c.5 acres
(c.2.04 ha)
Aside from the S angle, which lies beneath farm buildings, the complete circuit of this camp has been traced. There is a gap in the middle of the NW side which may be a gateway, but none of the gaps visible in both the NE and SW sides may be positively identified as entrances.
Cinders Lane, Guilden Sutton 2, Cheshire
SJ450679 230+ x 130+ ft
(70+ x 40+ m)
¾+ acres
(0.3+ ha)
This camp is the easternmost of the Guilden Sutton group and is known only from its NW corner-angle, about 130 feet (40m) of the N defences and a longer 230ft (70m) length of the W side. No gateways are recorded. The camp covers an area of at least ¾acre (0.3ha), and was very likely much bigger.
Pipers Ash, Guilden Sutton 3, Cheshire
SJ436677 ? x 289 ft
(? x 88 m)
2+ acres?
(0.8+ ha?)
This camp is known only from its S side together with both angles but only short lengths of the adjacent E and W defences. There is a centrally-placed entrance in the S. If the camp was aligned N-S, which appears likely, its defences would have enclosed at least 2 acres (0.8ha), possibly more.
See: A Note on New Evidence from Aerial Reconnaissance for Roman Military Sites in Cheshire by Robert A Philpott in Britannia xxix (1998) pp.341-353;
a copy of O.S. Landranger map 117 Chester and Wrexham is also recommended.
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