NGRef: TQ0248
OSMap: LR187
Type: Possible Settlement, Possible Settlement
Pilgrims Way: W (2) to Compton
SE (3) to Farley Heath
Pilgrims Way: W (9) to Farnham
Pilgrims Way: E (26) to Titsey (Surrey)

There is a fair chance of there having been a Roman settlement of some nature near Guildford, where the ancient ridge-track "The Pilgrim's Way" crosses the River Wey, a tributary of the Thames. The most likely site for the settlement being between the river crossing and the junction with the Roman road to Alfoldean to the east.

There are two villas on the western side of the River Wey at Compton (SU9547) and Broadstreet (SU9651).

See: Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain by the Ordnance Survey (3rd, 4th & 5th eds., 1956, 1994 & 2001).
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