NGRef: SP 342 893
OSMap: LR140
Type: Pottery, Pottery
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The Hartshill/Mancetter Potteries

The main manufacturing industry in this area was pottery, which came to be distributed throughout the province. Twenty one pottery kilns have been found in a cluster immediately south-west of the Watling Street settlement at Manduessedum, and thanks to potters-stamps the names of several Mancetter potters are known:

Of the potters named above, Iunius, Vibius, Minomelus and Sarrius also had kilns at Hartshill; Sarrius had potteries at Rossington Bridge too. It is thought that Doccas may have moved his business up from Verulamium. A single example of a kiln was found, of a type otherwise peculiar to the Oxford region.

In addition to the Hartshill/Mancetter potteries, there are Roman tileries nearby at Arbury (SP3489) and Griff Hill (SP3688).

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