NGRef: TQ8009
OSMap: LR199
Type: Iron Mine, Iron Mine, Mine, Mine, Port, Port
Possible Road: W (32) to Hassocks (West Sussex)
N (31) to Maidstone (Kent)
Probable Road: NE (36) to Portvs Lemanis (Lympne, Kent)
Probable Road: NE (36) to Portvs Lemanis

Ten Roman Iron-Mines Within Eight Miles of Hastings in East Sussex

TQ7413 Pepperingeye
TQ7510 Byne's Farm
TQ7513 Fore Wood
TQ7617 Petley Wood
TQ7712 Park Farm
TQ7720 Footlands
TQ7814 Beauport Park
TQ7817 Oaklands
TQ8121 Chitcombe
TQ8420 Burnthouse Wood

There is a single inscription on stone recorded for the Hastings area.

Latin Inscription from Beauport Park 3 Miles North-West of Hastings


"[...] for the Emperor [...] I am renewing [...] by this command, Vilicus administered through the agency of Bassus┬╣ [...] this inscription.┬▓"

(RIB 66a; Britannia II (1971), p.289, no.2; Britannia XIX (1988), p.261)

  1. The entire text is open to interpretation. This particular phrase is based on the expansion C[uram] A[gens]. An alternative could be C[ustos] A[rmorum] 'custodian of the armoury'.
  2. The last letter has been expanded to T[itulus], although T[ribunus] 'military tribune' may also be argued. In addition, the last name mentioned in the text may be Bassianus.
See: Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain by the Ordnance Survey (3rd, 4th & 5th eds., 1956, 1994 & 2001).
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